Welcome to T206Blog.com

My addiction to collecting the T206 white border tobacco card baseball set (aka ‘The Monster’) has driven me to create this site, T206Blog.com.

This blog is about my T206 tobacco baseball card collecting experience.  For those of you who also collect this set, you understand the lure and attraction of the T206s.  It’s this bizarre addiction that’s nearly impossible to satisfy and it’s downright scary at times.  T206 collecting can make you slightly insane, drain your bank account, keep you up at night and wreak havic on personal relationships.  If you’re new to collecting T206 cards or are thinking about starting, don’t.  Stop reading this blog and go for a long walk; find another hobby.  If you start, you won’t be able to stop.  And if you start, then there will be fewer cards for me to hoard.