There are several different types of T206 miscuts – vertical, horizontal, diamond cut, etc. A vertical miscut can be where the player’s name on the front of the card is partially cut off, or in extreme examples, on the top and bottom. Vertical miscuts can apply to the backs as well. Horizontal miscuts exist as well, from the off-centered to the extreme. Another miscut is what’s sometimes called a diamond cut, where the top and bottom of the card, or in some cases just one, was cut at an angle.

Grading companies usually place MC qualifies on the labels. Many collectors shy away from qualifies on their graded cards and, as a result, MC qualifies can bring down the price of cards. To others though, miscuts come with a premium, depending on the collector. Generally speaking, for those who value miscuts, the more the extreme, the better.

Miscuts such as a partial name at the bottom or double name aren’t partically rare. Double names that feature two different players or a complete name on top and not the bottom aren’t found that often. I’m by no means an expert on these, but I have a few in my collection that I’ve showcased below:

Joss – horizontal miscut back


Beck – double name & double factory stamp


Camnitz – horizontal/diagonal miscut back (top left)