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The entire T206 set contains 524 cards, including variations.  There are a couple of ways you can define variations and the are based on the type of collector.  To some, the variations would mean the rare error cards such as the ones missing the red or magenta ink.  To some collectors however, variations to refer to the factory and district label and the series (150 Subjects, 350 Subjects, etc.).  If one were to collect every T206 card with every back variation (Piedmont vs Polar Bear vs Tolstoi, etc.) and every factory and series variation and every subject series, their list would be over 6000 cards long.

I do not have the desire to get that picky or detailed about my collection.  I’m attempting to put together a complete set, meaning one card of each player/pose on the main checklist.  I’ll never get the big 4 (Wagner, Plank, Magie, Doyle) unless I come across a bucket of gold or an amazing estate sale find.  There are several other expensive and rare cards such as the Demmitt and O’Hara St. Louis cards. I’ve made the decision that I will not attempt to add the Demmitt and O’Hara St. Louis variations to my set. I don’t think the premium placed on these two cards are worth it.

While I put together a basic set in the best condition I can afford, I have come across some interesting cards.  In the future, I hope to create a sub section of this website to showcase those.  One such example I’d highlight is my T206 Dahlen ‘missing magenta/red’ ink card.

I FINISHED my T206 set on Auguest 3, 2012 (518/518)! See my post about completing the set.  I purchase cards on a regular basis and don’t always have the time to scan and upload new cards.  This list is a work in progress until I indicate otherwise.  It takes me awhile to find time to scan, resize, code and  post; please be  patient.  Also, I occasionally update my cards, so some of the scans you see I might have sold but haven’t had a chance to update the scan. To view a larger scan of each card, click on the card images.

1 Ed Abbaticchio (Blue
2 Ed Abbaticchio (Brown
3 Fred Abbott  T206-Abbott-Piedmont-350
4 Bill Abstein  T206-Abstein-Piedmont-350
5 Doc Adkins  T206-Adkins-Polar-Bear
6 Whitey Alperman  T206-Alperman-Sweet-Caporal-350
7 Red Ames (Hands At
8 Red Ames (Hands Above Head)  t206-Ames-Piedmont-350-460-PSA-4
9 Red Ames (Portrait)  
10 John Anderson  t206-Anderson-Sweet-Caporal-350
11 Frank Arellanes  t206-Frank-Arellanes-Carolina-Brights-SGC-40-VG
12 Herman Armbruster  T206-Armbruster-Polar-Bear
13 Harry Arndt  
14 Jake Atz  t206-Atz-Sweet-Caporal-350-PSA-3
15 Home Run Baker  t206-Home-Run-Baker-Sweet-Caporal-350
16 Neal Ball (New York)  t206-Ball-Sweet-Caporal-150
17 Neal Ball
18 Jap Barbeau  t206-Barbeau-Piedmont-350-PSA-4
19 Cy Barger  t206-Barger-Polar-Bear-PSA-4
20 Jack Barry
21 Shad Barry
22 Jack Bastian  
23 Emil Batch  t206-Batch-Piedmont-350
24 Johnny Bates  t206-Bates-Piedmont-350
25 Harry Bay  T206-Bay-Hindu-Southern-League-SGC-10
26 Ginger Beaumont  t206-Beaumont-Piedmont-150
27 Fred Beck  
28 Beals Becker  
29 Jake Beckley  t206-Beckley-Piedmont-350
30 George Bell (Hands
Above Head)
31 George Bell (Pitching
Follow Thru)
32 Chief Bender (Pitching
No Trees In Background)
33 Chief Bender (Pitching
Trees In Background)
34 Chief Bender
35 Bill Bergen
36 Bill Bergen
37 Heinie Berger  t206-Berger-Piedmont-350-PSA-3
38 Bill Bernhard  T206-Bernhard-Piedmont-350-PSA-2-Good-new
39 Bob Bescher (Hands In
40 Bob Bescher
41 Joe Birmingham  T206-Birmingham-Piedmont-150-PSA-2-Good
42 Lena Blackburne  T206-Blackburne-Sweet-Caporal-350
43 Jack Bliss  t206-Bliss-Piedmont-350
44 Frank Bowerman  T206-Bowerman-Piedmont-150
45 Bill Bradley
46 Bill Bradley (With
47 Dave Brain  t206-Brain-Piedmont-350
48 Kitty Bransfield  T206-Bransfield-Piedmont-150
49 Roy Brashear  t206-Brashear-Piedmont-350-Crawford-stamp
50 Ted Breitenstein  t206-Breitenstein-Southern-League-Hindu-SGC-10

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